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The Republic is about expanding peoples knowledge and understanding the Constitution, Liberty, and Freedom to help restore our republic from it’s path of self destruction.  To help with this, it is important to understand how this applies to the issues of:


This is not a Federal issue since this is not within the authority of Congress to legislate.

Drugs and Alcohol

Congress has no authority to legislate outside of interstate trade.  Users should be able to consume whatever they choose as long as they do not inflict harm on others against their will.  We put and pay for a lot of people in prison who’s only crime was possession or consuming drugs privately.  We also have a lot of violent crime and death caused be creating a criminal market.

Medical Care

Obamacare is unconstitutional!  Take your pick of the reasons.  The Federal government has no constitutional authority to regulate outside of interstate commerce.  It is the fact that they have tried to control everything that health care costs are soo high now and are continuing to get worse.


Income Taxes are the same as mugging.  The government takes your money by force ( See what happens if you decide not to pay them).  The 16th Amendment was added in direct contradiction to the intent of the founders and is the main cause for an out of control government agencies and the trampling of our rights.


A free economy is the best economy.  When I speak of the economy, I am referring to all of our economic activity.  Companies should survive on their own merits and the government has no authority to decide winners and losers.  We decide by our purchases what works best.  What little constitutional authority Congress has should be used to create a structure to resolve issues across state boarders.  A review of previous laws need to occur to ensure they are constitutionally valid.  If it is questionable then they need to go.

Monetary Policy

To create a strong stable currency, it needs to be based on something.  Currently the dollar has no real value and the government just prints more whenever it want creating inflation.  While this is completely in the right and authority of Congress to control,  basing the value of the Dollar on the gold and silver create a consistent standard based on a true economic value instead of the whims of more government spending and the desire to print.


The Federal government has no authority to get involved outside of what may cross state borders.  It is the economy’s job to decide the best source of energy, not the government and politics.

Death Penalty

Outside of treason, the death penalty should not be available.  The government should never have the power to decide who lives or dies.


There is absolutely no Constitutional Authority granted to the government on education.  Besides the more the Federal government has gotten involved, the worse it has gotten.  It is up to the parents and State to decide on and provide education.


Unconstitutional.  There is nothing in the Constitution that come close to allow congress to pass a law establishing this.  It has been a drain on hard working citizens who have money taken from them and given to somebody who hasn’t earned it.  Welfare is also a form of control by creating dependency on the government and ensure a loyal voting base.


Technically unconstitutional.  Congress has no authority to regulate the environment and therefor the President has no authority to have the EPA.  In this situation, I believe an amendment to the Constitution would be warranted.  The environment impact the lives and health of everyone.  The EPA itself should not be allowed to make laws as it sees fit though.  Only Congress should be allowed to make any laws and that the EPA should simply enforce those laws.

Gun Control

Any gun law is unconstitutional and in violation of the 2nd Amendment which is very clear.


The sole purpose of the Military is to protect our nation from direct harm.   Not to enforce our will on other sovereign nations.  Not to police the world.  Not anything else.  As such all our bases around the world are not Constitutional.  Our troops should be recalled and those bases of operation closed.  We are not an empire and we are not world conquerors.  The military should be reduced until called into service by Congress.


I am for legal immigration.  I am also for the President doing the Constitutional responsibility for making sure the laws passed by Congress are faithfully executed.  As such illegal immigrants are criminals and should be turned over to the authority of the country they are from.  I am also for securing the borders since this is for protect our citizens, again the Constitutional responsibility of the government.

Homosexual Marriage

Any ban on homosexual marriage is unconstitutional because it would be a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Amending the Constitution

Obviously I do support amending the Constitution.  Mostly to repeal a century of really bad amendments that were added and a couple that would allow for it’s intent to protect life and freedom.

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