The Latin Post published an article a few days ago entitled: “Immigration Reform News: Polls Shows Most Americans Do Not Want to Reverse Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration” based entirely of a poll from the Benenson Strategy Group, who’s CEO Joel Benenson has been the Chief Pollster for both of President Obama’s campaigns.

Besides a very arguably one sided and biased source, the survey and the conclusion in the title are not the same thing.  Here were the choices and the results from the survey”

31% believe Congress should use the tools at its disposal to force the President to change or reverse the order, even if it means temporarily shutting down parts of the government.

69% believe Congress should come together and pass comprehensive immigration reform.

So here we see where they get their conclusion, by stacking and wording the questions to get the result they want.  Of course a majority would rather see immigration reform from Congress.  But even with these results, it is a far cry from the conclusion in the title stating “Most Americans do not want to reverse Obama’s executive order on immigration“.  Really all it proves is most Americans prefer immigration reform rather than having Congress and the White House fighting.  That much I hope we all will agree with.

This also doesn’t mean that Congress shouldn’t be doing it’s job of challenging the President for his illegal and unconstitutional actions.   According to Article II Section 3 of the US Constitution, “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” (see Understanding the Executive Order).  It is one thing to just make no effort to enforce the law, granting amnesty to millions of criminals is in complete contradiction to his Constitutionally defined responsibilities.

Besides being completely outside the authority of the President to grant amnesty, what about the security concerns?  How do we know these “immigrants” are not terrorists?  They have already shown a disrespect for our laws by breaking into our country.  If they do not follow the proper process to enter the nation, how do we know if they are a threat to us?  The need to enter the country legally.  Maybe the law needs changed but the only people who have the authority to change the law is Congress, not the President.

And let us not forget all the tax dollars we are spending in support for these illegal immigrants.  Is it fair to steal the money of the legitimate tax paying citizens to provide support for these criminals who have never contributed?  That is like feeding cancer with the hope it wont get worse and kill you.  What about all those on unemployment and can’t find work because these criminal are taking jobs illegally?  Those are just a couple other issues to think about…

We either have laws that are respected or we don’t.  You cannot have selective enforcement because that destroys the foundation and integrity of our nation and legal system, let alone having our Commander-in-Chief act in complete contradiction to the law by violating his legal authority.  Is the law always right?  Are they always Constitutionally legal?  Most of you probably know my answer already is Absolutely Not, but that is why we have the courts and the 1st Amendment, so we can challenge the law and speak out against it.  And when those fail?  We can only hope that the States will unite and finally stand up for themselves under Article V, which is getting closer to happening (see Kansas’ Five Complaints).  And should that fail, the last resort is to defend ourselves through the 2nd Amendment.

So in the end, this article ends up being another propaganda piece.  “We the People” must always be on guard for the manipulation used by both sides of the isle of any issue.  They slant and twist everything to create a divide in all of us because they know a divided nation can be controlled.  These people all think we are stupid and can be manipulated.  Let us all do our best to prove them wrong by being vigilant.

Please share with us your thoughts and concern in the comments below.   I always enjoy a good honest open discussion.


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