Thomas Jefferson once wrote…

And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?

Our third President was probably one of the greatest minds of that generation(and probably most others for that mater).  He understood that the only way to protect and preserve freedom was for the people to be willing to fight for it.  As long as the government knew that the people were willing to resist it’s tyranny, the inherent desire to enslave the people would be held at bay.  Over two and a quarter centuries later, it seems like the flame of that spirit is all but snuffed out.  With dependency and support of government programs and control growing by the demand of the voter, this great experiment of freedom and self governance seems all but over.

But there are some signs of hope and the flame is not extinguished yet.  Many people are waking up to the deceptions that the two party’s have put before us.  This can bee seen as we review the….

Top 3 Signs the Spirit of Resistance is Growing Again

Libertarians, Don't Tread on Anyone.

1. Libertarian-ism is growing

I’m not talking about the party itself, even though it has seen some significant growth the last few years.  What I am referring to is the advancement of the concept of true freedom, liberty, the Constitution, and reduced government.  While the growth of the actual party is one indicator, we see a lot of it spreading within the Republican Party, with member like Rand Paul leading the charge along with the rise of the Tea Party movement.  Just the fact that “Libertarian” is now a mostly recognized and fairly common term in society, compared to a decade ago, is a good indicator.


2. The rise of Anonymous

Nobody really knows who they are, but they are definitely not friends of “Big Brother” government and the corporatism economy that the government created.  In short, they oppose censorship and control, two thing the government and corporations make great efforts in expanding.  There primary attacks have been through informative videos andDenial of Service attacks over the internet, along with other hacking activities on ocassion.  They also have their catchy motto of “We are Legion. We do not forgive.  We do not forget.” going for them too.  While there behavior is questionable, they kind of remind me of the Son’s of Liberty, another disreputable group who utilized “questionable” behavior to resist a tyranny.

Ron Paul

3. How the Republican Party Attacked and Tried to Eliminated the Ron Paul Threat

What can I say, Ron Paul is pretty much the father of the modern Libertarian movement.  He has at the very least brought  a lot of attention to it for many Americans.  The fact that almost everyone knows who he is now is another example of how Libertarian-ism has grown.  Ron, ran several times for the Presidency but he gained the most traction and attention in 2012.  Soo much so, his own party and conservative news media took objection to him and rigged the election by basically erasing him from existence in the press.  They manipulated and ignored him in the news and debates soo badly the liberal news source were pointing it out and asking why.  We are talking Chris Matthews, John Stewart, and even Bill Maher, guys who attack almost every Conservative/Republican.  Fox on the other hand did everything possible to remove him from the election.  Add to that, there are some serious concerns with the Iowa straw poll results, which helped seat Mitt Romney as the front runner.  Ron was a threat to the system because he broke from the mold of the system we are forced to stay in.  He was a man of ideals, not politics.  As such, he was a threat and had to be eliminated.  But the damage is already done.  Ron Paul helped inspire a freedom loving youth movement, has attract some of the most passionate supporters, and is the cause for the Libertarian’s rise today.

So when it all seems hopeless, remember the Spirit of Resistance is not snuffed out yet.

It doesn’t take a majority to create change, only a dedicated and determined few who are brave enough to stand up to tyranny.  Our Founding Fathers knew that when they stood up and risked everything for freedom from the many abused of King George III, another small minority that sparked the Revolution.  As “Free Men”, it is our responsibility to stand up and fight for our rights and liberties.  That is why the Bill of Rights is soo important.  They are our tools of resistance to tyranny.  And resistance can start by voting out our would be “Masters” from office and installing freedom loving individuals who will respect the Constitutional limitations of our government.


Do you see any other signs that the spirit of resistance is still alive in these United States?

Do you think that it is still hopeless?

Share your thoughts with all of us in the comments below.  Make sure to pass this on to all your friends!

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