As everyone knows by now NBC’s Prince of National News has proven to be a liar to America.  This probably should be the biggest taboo for any journalist since journalism is expected to be honest, fair, and balanced.  And for this, NBC only gave Brian Williams a six month suspension?  How can NBC ever trust anything he says or does again?  How can the viewers trust NBC?  I guess those are problems NBC will have to address now if the really plan to let him return.  This is just another example of a long standing point I have that you can not trust the media and news.  While they may not technically be lying like Williams was exposed doing, they definitely have a history of slanted wording and selective truth telling to create the desired response from the majority of the public.  So Brian Williams is really just one symptom of a much bigger problem, that the press can not be trusted.

We need to understand that the Media and news is mostly owned by a handful of corporations.  These shuffle around from time to time but currently the major news sources are all controlled by corporate america(Disney, Time Warner, Viacom, etc…).  The problem is these few companies have full control of the information we receive allowing them to subtly manipulate our perceptions of the world in their favor, with anyone contradicting them being made to look like radicals.  This is not healthy to a free society.

We also need to realize these companies support there own political agendas.  These few corporations and their executives tend to more heavily donate to the Democratic party and by far donate more to Obama’s campaign than Romney’s in 2012, according to the Huffington Post.  The only reason companies do this is to get people elected who will support and protect their interests.  So when you have issues with big corporations controlling everything, pay attention to where most their corporate donation are going to.

Last, let us look at some of the media’s connections to Washington:

Former ABC New Veteran &  current CNN’s Vice President Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clinton’s former Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.  Also the Obamas have recently dined at her home according to the Weekly Standard.

CBS President David Rhodes is brothers with Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes

ABC President Ben Sherwood’s sister is Deputy Secretary of Energy, Elizabeth Sherwood

ABC Senior National Correspondent Claire Shipman is married to Jay Carney, former White House Press Secretary

NBC Senior Political Editor Mark Murray is married to Chief-of -Staff of  the Federal Aviation, Sasha Johnson

So we now have 4 major news sources directly tied to the White House.  There is no wonder many believe the press favors one side over the other.  That only took a couple of minutes to hunt down with Google.  How can you not expect the press to be manipulated when you have family members in power of critical positions on both sides of the fence.

We have tied almost every major news source to a handful of companies, who have donated substantial money to the current President and his party, and have the press’ senior and executive staff with family members in critical positions at the White House.  We have seen several critical stories of the White House get ignored and downplayed by the press like Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS political targeting, just to name a few.  All of this just wreaks of corruption and manipulation.

How can we trust what the new presents to us ever again?

We need to make a sincere effort to find out the truth ourselves and not rely on what any media outlet tells us.

Brian Williams was just the tip of the iceberg.

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