Yesterday Kansas introduced HCR5010 to their house!

Why is this significant?

HCR5010 is  Kansas’ application to Congress for a Constitutional Convention.

Apparently Kansas is taking issue with many of our complaints about how our government is continuously assuming unconstitutional authority fast that they are accumulating debt.  In HCR5010, they site Five Reasons for why they want to call for a Constitutional Convention:

1. The founders of our Constitution empowered state legislators to be guardians of liberty against future abuses of power by the federal government.

2. The federal government has created a crushing national debt through improper and imprudent spending.

3. The federal government has invaded the legitimate roles of the states through the manipulative process of federal mandates, most of which are unfunded to a great extent.

4. The federal government has ceased to live under a proper interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.

5. It is the solemn duty of the states to protect the liberty of our people — particularly for the generations to come — by proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States through a convention of the states under Article V for the purpose of restraining these and related abuses of power

For those of us that have still not read the US Constitution, Article V describes how the Constitution can be amended when needed.  One method is for two thirds of the States (currently 34) to apply to COngress for a Constitutional Conventions.  The first and last Convention was in 1787 and has ever been called through Article V.  There are several opinions on how  many States count toward calling the Convention.  Currently there are 29 open applications, 3 rescinded, and 1 “Purged”.  How Congress or the Supreme Court may interpret any of this is completely unknown.  My guess is they will make it as difficult as possible.

There are many who see this as a threat to liberty and others who view it as a much needed move by the States to knock an out of control government back in line.  The only way we will know for sure is after the Convention happens, if it ever happens.  But thanks to Kansas, we are one State closer to finding out.

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