Today we celebrate the life of one of the most import defenders of freedom in our nations history, Martin Luther King Jr.

What a truly great human being!  You can read all about his life here. (I encourage you to go read about him)

What made him soo great was his ability to cause change without violence.  He never struck back or fired a gun during his movement.  All he wanted was equal protection under the law and for color of one’s skin to be as relevant as the color of your eyes.  To be judged on one’s character rather than color.

“I Have A Dream” Speech – August 28th, 1963


I have to wonder what Dr. King would think of today’s politics of race baiting, government dependency, hiring requirements, etc…

Do you think he would be happy with the state of equality in our nation today?  I’m not so sure.

“Let Freedom Ring”

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