What went wrong?

Why is the country out of control?

When did the Constitution fail us?

Well it all falls back on us and how we broke the system through bad and improper amendments.  So today I am going over…

The Three Worst Constitutional Amendments!


US Senate

3. 17th Amendment – Popular vote for Senators

(View the 17th Amendment here)

Ratified in 1913, this amendment changed how Senators were selected to Congress.  Originally the State legislature selected their Senators. This amendment made them selected through popular vote.  As representatives of the state they were chosen from, a Senators job was to represent and protect their state’s interests.   By switching them to the popular vote, there loyalty has changed to focus on supporting their voters rather than protecting the state’s interests.   This is why we have the House of Representatives after all. This is a major power shift to allowing more government control through the manipulation of the people.


We Want Beer

2. 18th Amendment – Prohibition

(View the 18th Amendment here)

Ratified in 1919, this amendment allowed the government to ban and control all alcohol.  This was met with significant resistance and spawned a whole criminal underground.  It was soo bad that it had to be repealed in 1933 by the 21st Amendment.  The fact is that this amendment went against what the government and Constitution was meant for and violated people’s rights very directly.


Tax Burden

1. 16th Amendment – The Income Tax

(View the 16th Amendment here)

Ratified in 1913, this is probably the biggest culprit to the destruction of liberty and the Constitution itself.  By allowing the federal government to take whatever amount of money they decide out of our pockets was soo against anything the Founders intended, that this amendment should never have happened.  But it did and it gave the government the resources and power to do whatever it wants.  Because of this we have an ever growing government  taking more and more power from the people and attracting corruption at every turn.  They manipulate the media, control what we learn, and are twisting the minds of it’s citizens to believe what they want allowing the government to take more control.  This is why it is by far the worst amendment to have been made to the Constitution.


And those are the Three Worst Constitutional Amendments to date.

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