Has President Obama failed us by simply using the borders as a political tool?

Has he failed to see the dangers that are present in the world and how important to our security the borders are?

Does it seem he has lost a sense of reality sheltered from the rest of the world in the White House?

Seems the answer may be yes to all of those.  So to help the President out, here are…

The top 5 reasons Obama should be securing our borders:


Stop waisting our money

5. Stop giving our money to non citizens

Every time somebody enters into the country illegally it costs us money.  If they are caught, they are provided housing, food, clothing, and medical care on the taxpayer’s dime.  If they are not caught, they find jobs illegally getting paid under the table, paying no taxes, potentially taking work from legal workers, and then sending it back to the families and out of our economy.  Then when they get sick or hurt we pay for it as well through free medical care.

The border war on drugs

4. Save American lives

Despite any opinions on drug legalization, every year numerous lives are lost fighting the war on drugs along the borders.  Perhaps a more secure border will save more lives and reduce the conflict at the borders.


Not just ISIS but terrorists in general.  There are already reports that Hezbollah has infiltrated Mexico.  How long before ISIS follows suit?  How hard would it be to sneak into the country with a bomb?  How can we be certain they haven’t already?  I would guess they are already here since they were taking photos from the White House.  Feeling secure now?

2. Eeeeebbbbooolaaaaa….

We have already had a couple people make it  back into the country already with the fatal disease.  We are lucky we haven’t had many more infected due to failures in medical procedures.  If we controlled the borders, we could have prevented anyone from bringing this disease into the country to begin with.  Simply checking passport and running a blood test on those coming into the country from know regions with outbreaks would go a long way to reducing the risk of the nation.

1. It is his job

It is the job of the President to “Faithfully” execute the laws passed by Congress.  As such securing the borders are his responsibility.  Congress has a hand as well as far as approving funding for such activities.  Still it is the President’s responsibility to insure the borders are secured according to the law.  Stop playing politics and do your job!


And those are my top 5 reasons to secure the borders for Obama.  Think he may finally get it?  I doubt it too but one can always hope.

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