Today’s Social Liberalism, the belief in equality or a twist on the concept of socialism, has been all the rage for a long time.

Why has equality not been achieved then?

Because Liberalism is all promise and no delivery.  There is no logic or reason other than the specific idea with no understanding the impact within society.  This is why liberals get elected and there policies continually fail or need fixed.  They may gimp along, like Social Security, or begin to implode, like the Affordable Care Act, but they always damage society.

Liberals hold to the belief that the system is broken and need fixed.  But there is a big difference between the system being broken and breaking the system!  Then to think we just need more of what broke it in the first place to fix it.  That is just insanity.

So with that, lets move on to…


5 Failing Policies Liberals Cling To

Illegal Immigrant Crossing

5. Border control and Illegal Immigrants

Protecting the states and deciding citizenship are two major responsibilities of the government as defined in the constitution.  Protecting the states from invasion requires controlling entry into the country and anyone entering improperly/illegally is a criminal and potential invader.  It is the job of the President to enforce those laws until they are changed by Congress.  This is a simple matter of the government respecting it’s own laws.  Laws are not optional based off of votes needed to secure the parties elections.


Money, money, money

4. Economics

Another area they either do not have a clue or the more scary part that maybe they do.  Tax and spend has never worked, even Clinton understood that which is why most of his policies worked with the Republican Congress.  The economy can not be boosted by excessive government spending and failed Keynesian economic theory.  Add to that the complete denial of the governments role in causing every recorded economic collapse and holding back the recovery after…And then to fix it the think they just need to get more involved?  We know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


That's alot of welfare spending

3. Welfare

Welfare does not work, period.  Doing more of the same has not helped it one single bit.  What it does do is take money away from the middle class and create a greater divide between the have and have nots.  Welfare does nothing to help the poor, it simply creates a dependency on the system and less motivation to peruse real employment and better themselves.  But the again maybe that is what Liberals want, dependent addicted voters.


Pay your taxes

2. Taxes

Increasing taxes does not increase revenue or spread the wealth.  But that is not what it is about for liberals is it.  It is about taking it and giving it to others which is nothing more than the desire for control.  There basic goal is socialism or more honestly it is about slavery.  In order to rationally look at taxes, specifically income and anything other than a crime, then it would have to be that it was never yours in the first place.   The same applies to any other rights violation like gun control, NSA surveillance, etc…Socialism has always destroyed the country that implemented it and using taxes as a way to bring about a socialist agenda of wealth redistribution will fail in a devastating fashion for us all.


Global Warming Extreme

1. Global Warming/Climate Change

Ok folks, this is nothing more than a massive smoke screen to empower the government to take control of society again.  There has been no remotely conclusive evidence to support Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever else they want to call it to make it stick when it keeps getting shot down.  Every time there is “Conclusive Evidence” we find out it was fabricated or manipulated in some way.  What they call climate change, most of us call weather and it has been occurring for billions of years now.  Is it important to take care of the environment?  Yes.  Is there a role for the Government in it?  Yes.  Is it a concluded science with no debate remaining?  Only if you are brainwashed by Obama and the rest of the extreme liberals…


And those are my personal Top 5 Failing Policies Liberals Cling To.  I could probably come up with at least a dozen more if I thought about it.

Do you have some other Failed Policies in mind to share?

If so, make sure to share them with us in the comments.

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