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Sorry for the unannounced hiatus, I just had a couple things come up and needed to take some time at the last minute.  That and a horrible loss to Tampa didn’t help motivate me much. But I am back now.

So as to the changes…As I mentioned previously, I am still experimenting to find what works best for me and any readers I have.  Trying to get a post in every day is a little tough since this is not my full time gig.  Also the news mostly about Syria now which I have expressed my opinion about frequently.  So I was thinking of dropping them to twice a week and then a constitutional article or two thrown in and maybe even an editorial.

I am also looking for guest input on what they would like to see or read about and maybe a guest or co-author.  I really am interested in knowing what I can do to make this better and help spread the word and teach others.  This was my point of starting this effort in the first place.

Please share any input you have below in the comments.

There was one article I saw this morning…

Obama & Holder

Holder: ‘I wanted to be an activist attorney general’…—i-wanted-to-be-an-activist-attorney-general-213921649.html

I picked this today because this shows a major problem, and a complete ignorance if I might say, with this administration and our citizens in general.  The job of the Attorney General, President, and the White House in general is to “faithfully” execute the laws ( see US Constitution Article II section 3 ).  They do not have the authority to decided which laws they want to enforce, and they definitely do not have the authority to change them.  Activism is absolutely not the job of the White House.  Holder’s job was to investigate and bring charges when a law was broken or suggestion of laws were broken.  If he wanted to be an activist in Congress then go for it as long as it is within their constitutional authority.  The fact that he wanted to be an “Activist” Attorney General show he was not the right man for the job, let alone to be a potential Supreme Court Justice.  The same applies to Obama.  If you want to be Activists then you belong in Congress or work with the various groups that have the same ideas you do.  Forcing people to think, believe, and act the way you think is appropriate is not justice or the law, it is slavery.  If you want to change the way people think, you show them a better way and educate them. You do not do it through activist, selective, and targeted law enforcement and the threat of force.

And that is all I have to say about that…for the moment anyway.

And again…

Please share you opinions, criticizes, and suggestions in the comments below!  I really would like to hear them.

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