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Yesterday I met with my son’s JROTC officers at his high school.  I think this is a great program, especially for kids today.  It teaches things that you won’t get from your regular high school classes and are probably even more important both today and for their futures.  Not only do they learn some basic military discipline, but they also learn about respect, pride, honor, community, and just generally being a better person and citizen.  It really is a create program that teaches values that are sorely lacking in our society today.  To learn more you can go here Also help support the JROTC in your schools.

And onto the news…

Legalizing some illegal immigrants will increase revenue…–business.html

There are soo many things wrong here!  First, the President has no authority to change the law, only enforce it.  Even a pardon does not apply here which might be a good topic for another article.  Second we don’t need more revenue,we need to stop burning money on unconstitutional programs like Obamacare, Social Security, the unconstitutional military expansion across the globe, etc…  Third undocumented means ILLEGAL, ie CRIMINAL!  Isn’t the Presidents job to enforce the laws, not circumvent them?  This idea of using tax revenue as an excuse for the President to openly break the law is disturbing.   If revenue was important, he would have lowered taxes.  For a reminder, here was Obama’s response on that:


Fast-food workers protest…–finance.html

This is another one that I can go one for hours about.  I have issues with today’s unions which tend to be more criminal than helpful.  That aside, these people have the right to protest peacefully under the first amendment.  They will also have to face the consequences of such choices.  Next, this minimum wage thing is a myth or numbers game and has had no impact on the poor or welfare.  It simply raises costs at the expense of the middle class.  Most places pay more than minimum wage already anyway but $15/hour at a McDonalds is way too much either way.  To be realistic the work they provide isn’t even worth current minimum wage and McDonalds is already providing automation to eliminate workers as is. See

The GOP and the Rise of the Islamic State…

I’m not sure why this is a “Test”.  If they are on the rise and a legitimate threat to our nation then by all mean go in and show them what happens when you mess with the U.S..  But if it is because we are sticking our nose in their business with of our ill-conceived notion that we need to control the world through military power, all in the name of “National Security”, then we have another problem.  Think about it, how would we feel if China or Russia came in, setup military bases, and start telling us what to do.  What we really need to do is elect good congressman who understand this and a President that works within his Constitutional authority and confers with them.  Again it seem a strong constitutional government would prevent many of our problems and issues today.


Think that is it for today.  Feel free to comment or share other news.

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