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The Assault Rifle Myth…(a few days late)

Sorry  for seeing this one soo late after it was written but wow, this was the New York Times?  So Assault rifle bans had almost no impact on gun violence/crimes.  Not a huge surprise since they were hardly used to begin with.  Either way it is irrelevant to the issues and that is gun bans of any kind are unconstitutional, even for military style and automatic weapons.  Just read the 2nd Amendment.  This will be a topic of a later Constitutional post so please keep checking back.

House passed Ron Paul’s “Audit The Fed Bill”…Again…

So the house passed this again yesterday by an even bigger margin of 333-92.  You don’t get much more bipartisan than that!  Now we will see if Harry Reid will bring it to the Senate floor.  He sat on it last time which makes no sense since he was supposedly in support of an audit.  How can we not audit the one government institution that has the biggest impact on our economy?  Come on Harry Reid, do your job and lets get this done!

House votes to arm Syrian rebels…

Are you kidding me!  Because that has worked so well for us in the past.  Arm rebels to fight evil, defaeat evil, rebels become a worse evil, continue cycle.  You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  This is how we ended up with ISIS in the first place.   So what will this group call themselves because we will be at war with them in a couple years.  When will we end the insanity…

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