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Russia needs government investment to avoid recession…

They can’t perform the socialist plan of government investment in the markets because they have too much money to spend on social programs.  Not a surprise. So the next alternative is a more free market approach (not to be confused with an actual free market) by blocking the west from their economy.  This creates an economic vacuum  that drives new business internally through the private sector and then opens trade with the east.  So the sanctions are working, just maybe not in our favor.  Russia in the end strengthens it’s economy and the east while the west looses that business.  Sticking our nose into something that was none of our business ends with us shooting ourselves in the foot.

Pay Fairness Act blocked again…by the GOP…

Besides the fact that this kind of law is arguably unconstitutional since Congress has questionable authority at best, it also ignores numerous factors, exposes personal information for government enforcement, and denies the simple fact that the individual made an agreement to be paid at a certain level for their services.  Forgetting that there are numerous variables that affect this, the simple fact is if the rate was not acceptable then it was up to the individual to decide to ask for more or reject it.  The government has no authority to interfere unless it plans on making gender specific (ie. discriminatory) laws.  So logically this is saying we are going to fight discrimination by discriminating with law.  And last I remember, wasn’t the Senate Democrat controlled?  This is pure politics and pandering because the “People” are ill informed and vulnerable to party propaganda.

Businesses report cutting jobs due too ObamaCare…

Wished I could say this was a surprise.  The Democrats have been in total denial of this since the get go and have made up numerous excuses and misdirection.  While the Republican have exaggerated the impact as well, we all know that it would have the exact opposite effect of its intent.  In the end medical prices have skyrocketed and this impacts the economy and job market.  While there has been props on the job market showing steady but slow improvement recently, expect it to go into decline again as ObamaCare goes into full effect.

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