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It is 9/11 and on the anniversary of what is probably the worst assault on US territory since the revolutionary days, I think it is important to take some time to remember all those who dies in the attacks and those who risked  and/or lost there lives trying to help the victims.  Our prayers are still with everyone involved in this horrible tragedy.  So take a moment to remember these folks who are heroes.

And onto some news.

Obama wants our support with war on Islamist state…–president-obama-addresses-is-threat-172339793.html

I think we have gotten to the point where there is no choice but to engage the military.  But this is a prime example of why our need to control the world backfires drastically on us.  Whats is worse, after you remove one treat, it is replaced by something worse. This has been a chain reaction of years of our interference in a region we had no good reason to get involved in to begin with.  Still, for once, it seems Congress and the President are at least on the same page.  I could nitpick some of his BS that was not really part of the purpose to which he was speaking, but it was a good direct speech with at least some semblance of a plan.  Get ready for a long drawn out  war again and probably something worse to deal with after.

And Representative Jim McDermott was offended by the speech…

And yet again another Democrat taking a swipe at Bush…When will it stop.  But it is good to hear a Democrat speak out openly against Obama and him doing whatever he wants without Congress.  He will keep doing it too until Congress gets its act together and takes back it’s authority from him.  But politics and party come first in Washington.  I wonder how many of them actually know what it says in the Constitution?


Only have two today.  Everything today revolves around the Presidents speech.  And in final remembrance of 9/11, here is a memorial video…

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