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Sorry for no post yesterday.  I had a few things to take care of and was unable to put much time in.

Mob Rule Minimum Wage Scam…

I think this post nailed it.  There is also a constitutional issue where this is not under the authority of the federal government to begin with.  Wages are not an interstate commerce issue and therefore federal minimum wage issues are unconstitutional.


Michelle Obama tells inner city kids what the rich kids know…

As you probably guessed, I am not a fan of Michelle Obama but when she is right she is right.  Education is important but more importantly, is the bigger lesson of overcoming obstacles.  Most people succeed because they overcome the challenges or get back up when they fall, not because it was easy and/or handed to them.

Armed Patriots…

I guess somebody has to watch the borders and the militias are as good as any.  There really is a variety of issues here but maybe instead of trying to rule the world, we should be focused on securing our borders first.  After all, that would be one of the biggest responsibilities of the government.  It has always been incumbent upon the militia’s to help protect our nation from outsiders entering are nation illegally and from tyranny internally.  This seems to be exactly the job the militias were intended for.

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