Sorry for being a little late today.  It has been a crazy and busy morning.

We will “Degrade and Ultimately Defeat” ISIS…

Spoken like a true Imperialist…ISIS is a threat because we turned them into one. Give this article a read

GOP Senate Candidates lead in Key State polls…

While it is good that people are starting to see that there are big problems in Washington.  The question is are these these the right people who will support a Constitutional and free government or more of the same with a different label who will continue our descent into slavery and economic decline.

Democrats need to fight for jobs in Congress…

I have said this time and again for years now, jobs solve all problems.  Forget Obamacare, immigration, the middle east, welfare reform, etc…We need a strong economy that creates job and strengthen the dollar.  To do that you need to remove the things that hinder it, which is primarily the government and its abusive power, excessive regulations, and outrageous spending.  But they distract everyone from the real problems of a suffocating economy and job creation that can’t keep up.  Both parties should be focused on the economy and jobs rather than issues that are not our concern,.

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