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ISIS Strikes deal with moderate Syrian rebels…

Are these not the rebels Obama was seeking help from and training?  The plan has barely started and it is already falling apart.  This again shows that the Government and more specifically the White House does not understand what the actual problems are and the level of what they created.  Yes ISIS was created by our own government through the CIA and the military.  So not only did we create the problem, the people we planned on helping us will no longer get involved.  Not a good success story as this is probably going to get even more out of control.

Why won’t Rand Paul admit he changed his mind?

While Rand is still my best hope for the next Presidential election so far, mister “What I would say is” is going to have to address these issues at some point, either by explaining why their understanding of his stance is wrong or by admitting things have occurred to change his opinion.  I admit my stance has changed because the circumstances have changed but we also need to acknowledge that ISIS is a problem of our own making.  Rand, just be honest and explain why.  There is nothing wrong with changing your opinion.

Illinois is labor’s next big battleground…

Looking at the laws that were passed(mind you based on naming and not knowing all the content of them), I agree with the laws, atleast on intent.  Living and working in a right to work state has generally been a good thing.  I realize this conflicts with general socialist behavior of the unions.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe unions are a necessary and natural component to a free economy, but they have become more of a mafia and somewhat self destructive to their members.  They had a significant hand in taking down manufacturing in our nation.  I can site several examples were the union had a hand like the Romney/Bain Capital steel plant that was shutdown and the near collapse of GM.  This is what happens when the deck is stacked in favor of one side.  What needs to happen is some legislation needs to be repealed and allow a more fair, balanced, and free exchange between the business and the members of the union.  Will there be more strikes?  Probably but these things need to happen from time to time.

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