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So it will be all bombings all the time now.  I will try to avoid the war topics moving forward unless there is something unique that occurs.  Things are just getting redundant now.

Obama on Syria strikes: War on Islamic State will ‘take time’..–war-on-islamic-state-will–take-time-145136550.html

Didn’t he say we were getting out when he was elected in 2008?  So much for campaign promises.  Yes it will take time.  It will take longer if we are just doing fly by bombings.  At some point you will need boots on the ground and maybe a few tanks to start getting to their entrenched forces.  Bombing can only do soo much.  If you really want to end this then forget training future terrorists and just send in the full might of the military and just wipe them out and hunt down the the remaining members as they run in terror.  Maybe use pigs blood to deter there interest in self sacrifice. (

U.S. airstrikes on Islamic State and Khorasan Group insufficient, critics say

Well Duh!  I explained this earlier.  Add to that we are  trying to fight two different wars.  How stupid is that!

Our Politically Polarized Supreme Court?

Something I can agree with.  It has been obvious for years now that the Supreme Court has been taken over by politics and not the Constitution.  The fact that ObamaCare still exists is proof of that (See Why Here).  What is important is the Constitution.  It is there job to judge based on it.  Not understanding Women’s needs, not to rewrite laws, but to understand and protect the rights of the people and make sure the laws passed by Congress and the Activities or the President are within the powers of the Constitution, which are clearly defined and specifically limited.  Anything not clearly defined should automatically be unconstitutional based off the 10th Amendment.  I won’t even get started on Roe vs Wade….


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