Greetings Friends of Liberty,

So it has been a little over a week since The Republic began now.  As such I have provided a few article that will hopefully help people understand some basic ideas on what the Republic and Liberty mean along with some sources for information which I try to include in my posts.  I have several ideas lined up already and hope to make this the main focus of this blog.

Still being very new, I am working toward creating an identity which will be continually evolving.  While the primary goal of providing factual information toward the understanding of politics will never change, I hope to share more new and initial thoughts on current events and articles as they occur without all the research.  I will try to do this with a rational point on the issue at hand and will avoid attacking specific individuals/politician.  Our goal is to help inform and educate, not roll around in the mud with the other pigs.

Another goal will be to start attempting to increase our viewers.  This will involving expanding my posts to make them more socially accessible through modifications on how I structure and post my articles.  This will continue to changes as I get a better understanding of how this works.  This will help spread the word and inform more people which is my primary goal and provide more discussion on the various topics we will be writing about.

So that is our first announcement.  I am going to try and keep these personal and laid back.  I will work on releasing the articles on Wednesday of each week and daily new and comments as needed every morning if possible.  I hope you enjoy our articles and continue to follow use.

United in Liberty,


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