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After a late night watching the Steelers beat down my brother-in-laws Panthers, I am a bit tired and behind on things.  Sorry for getting to this soo late in the morning.  So on to the news…

Syrian vote is not the last word from Congress on war…–politics.html

I know it’s not a perfect plan, but I think we need to start somewhere,” Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I….So is that ht excuse for passing this bill, “we need to do something”?  Why would you continue to do the exact activity that put us in this spot to begin with?  It is the same activity that has kept us at war in the middle east for what 30 years now.  At least 22 Senators had the sense to vote against it.  Hopefully Our “elected” representatives will have more time to come up with a better plan after they focus on their elections.

President Obama’s war advisers not instilling confidence on Islamic State strategy…

While it is always good to have a backup plan, it sounds more like they expect to have the main plan fail which is not good.  The arming of Syrian moderates seem to be a paper idea without anyone in mind yet.  So we have a Congress that at best questions the whole plan and Obama’s own advisers are unconvinced.  Not good.  I understand not wanting troops involved in yest another war in the middle east but if we are determined to fight ISIS, it seems inevitable.  To me the best plan would be to fully commit, send everything we have at them, wipe them out fast and come home.  Playing around with them will only drag it out and cost more lives.

Hillary Clinton’s commitment to civil rights…

While I question Hillary’s true motives, there are some serious Constitutional concerns as well.  Our Constitution and laws should be equal for everyone despite race, gender, preferences, etc.  We should not be targeting special groups with special rights and protections.  By doing so you are creating racism or discrimination into the law thus ensuring it’s continued existence.  And what about my right to my personal beliefs and to make decisions on those.  People have a right to be a$$holes.  But instead, she panders to racism thus ensuring it’s existence because caters to her political needs.  The only way to end racism is to make race irrelevant in the thoughts of the people.  Constantly calling attention to it and making it a point of attention in the law only creates resentment and divide.  And while my opinion on Voter ID is up in the air as well, to use it as a method to create a more racist society for her political agenda again contradicts this.  So forgive me if I question Hillary’s Civil Right motives and record.  I think the goal of civil rights should be to make sure we all have the same rights and protection under the law, not to protect special political interests who wish to secure there futures by extending racism.

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