So I was reading this Politico editorial on why Obama should sue Boehmer blah blah blah.(Thomas Geoghegan you should be embarrassed publishing this!)  Anyway this article seems more like a temper tantrum as I read it even though there is some real questions that I think need answered.   So I read a bit and decided to jump down to the bottom and read some of the comments.    Here is a section of the comment that I found:



Soo much hate, insults, &  misinformation.  It was uglier that a Steelers Ravens game in the playoffs!

This is a big problem!  We should not be fans of one side or the other.  This is not a sporting event, it is the government that affects our lives every day.  We should be the good stewards of our own liberty and rights and find the facts for ourselves.  In truth there really isn’t much difference between the parties.  They both in general attack our rights, lie to us, and pretend they have our best interest at heart while they secretly really want to take control.  Unfortunately most people fall for these lies or feel there is nothing they can do about it.


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